After twenty-two years of writing it is always nice to hear from readers who enjoy The Jar of Dreams. As part of the publishing journey, I have shared The Jar of Dreams with publishers, literary agents, librarians, school teachers and book clubs. Here are some of their kind reviews. Here are a few of the reviews and kind words.

Discover this rich, wonderfully inventive, epic tale.

Brandon VanOver, Publisher, Penguin Random House

An incredible read. A magical, epic book full of twists and turns, allowing the reader to ride along with Tarun as he takes his amazing journey.”

Carrie Tengler-Stuart

A journey of courage and of heart. I was transported immediately into Tarun’s world. Alan Riva’s writing is poetic and beautiful. A novel you will remember where and when you read it. The century’s Alchemist.

Kristina Freeman

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I couldn’t put it down. Every time I picked it up I was transported to the worlds of The Jar of Dreams; the mystical lands, characters full of wisdom, the foods, the sounds, the smells of Xhadur, Duzkah and beyond. I felt as if I was alongside Tarun as he stepped out on his epic adventure to reclaim his dreams. Read it, you’ll love it!

Kelly Black

The Jar of Dreams is even better than Harry Potter. I loved it!

Tom Flemming

I woke up yesterday morning and am yearning for more. You’ve taken me on a journey – similar to when I read The Alchemist, Shantaram and Siddhartha.”

Dominic Quartuccio

Wow. I don’t want to say anything else for fear words will do it an injustice, but wow. Struggling to avoid comparisons with some of the greatest books I’ve read! Absolutely loved it and especially hope there are a few more wise old men with their beautiful words to come. Feel a little cheated that I only got a few chapters but will look forward to a signed first edition copy.

Emily Houlahan

Each sentence transported me far, far away to distant places and realms, evoking childhood memories, as I became part of Tarun’s adventure.

Tim Bid

Inspiring story and we just wanted the journey to continue!!”

David Cordover

Read it, it’s ageless. You’ll love it.

Nayeli Brancaccio

This is the most wonderful book about the joy of living our dreams. The story is gentle and powerful – as rich as Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.

Mo Macrae

Love this extraordinary story of self-awareness and discovery. Simply beautiful.

Jane Ogilvie

Magnificent… outstanding… love it!!!”

Rakhee Dodhia