Kind Souls

When I stepped out on this adventure of writing and publishing, I had no idea what I was doing, beyond my love for writing. I have been so grateful for the support and guidance from many kind souls that I have been lucky enough to meet, and learn from, along the way.

Every kind and honest word has watered the seeds of this dream and helped me grow as a writer and a novice in the world of publishing.

With each of your acts of kindness, you have all helped me more than you know.

Some by helping me learn the craft of turning a jumble of words into a book, some through your kind words (that always give me goosebumps) and some by helping The Jar of Dreams find its way out into the world as a book.

To you each, I am so grateful, beyond words.

Much love, Alan

Gauri Rana - Friend & Mountain Man

Gauri Rana mountain guide
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Jane Ogilvie - Friend & Match Maker

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Kalyani Ganapathy - Friend & Artist

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Mo Macrae - Friend & Director

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Gregory Messina - Agent Par Excellance

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Gauri Rana - Friend & Mountain Man .

Gauri Rana mountain guide

It is hard to know if I would be on this magical journey without you my friend.


It all started one evening at the Boat House in Nainital and your invitation to join you and a crew of local brothers. A few days later, we were heading out into the Namik region for an exploratory trek.


Ten days or so in, after being battered by the late monsoon rains, running low on food but high on the experience of the deep nature that we were in, the dream of Ashoo came to me as we slept under the cracks and groans of Namik glacier.


Since that moment, the unfolding of this story has given me more than I could have dreamed of.


So too has our friendship my brother. Thank you for being the incredible human and spirit that you are.

Jane Ogilvie - Friend & Match Maker.

I still blush a little with embarrassment when I look back at the first versions of the manuscript. But you had such belief and vision in Tarun’s story, even in its early scribbles.


Your certainty that this is was a story worthy of becoming a book, helped turn my little spark into the light that is burning brighter each day that we get closer to publication.


Your support means so much to me and when Tarun makes it out into the hands and hearts of people into the world, it will be in large part thanks to you my friend.


Thank you, dear Jane, for all your support and unshakeable belief over the last five years.

Kalyani Ganapathy - Friend & Artist.

One of my favourite moments of any week is seeing your name pop up in my in-box, knowing one of your magical sketches or illustrations has just arrived.

Words cannot express the joy that I experience seeing Tarun’s adventure, and the worlds that exist in my imagination, come to life so beautifully through your gift Kalyani.

From the early pencil drawings to exquisite each finished painting, every step, every conversation that we have brings me so much.

And beyond our collaboration, I am even more grateful to have got to know you and to share so much of our journey over the last few years.

Thank you Kalyani, thank you!!

If you would like to see any of Kalyani’s incredible work, you can check her out at or connect on Instagram @ganapathykalyani.

Mo Macrae - Friend & Director.

Life brought Mo and I together in a hotel lobby in Melbourne. Turns out we were both in the wrong place, but at the right time.


Mo thanks so much my friend for all your support, encouragement and advice. You have a skill at storytelling that draws people in, even a coffee with you mate is like an adventure. Without trying, you have taught me so much.


Thank you also for the generous gift of your time and your magic in directing the little videos that help give everyone a sneak peek into Ashoo’s world.


Thank you, my brother, keep dreaming!


If you are looking for some help in creating stories and messages that connect and inspire. Mo is your man. Check him out at or you can connect on his linked in.




Gregory Messina - Agent Par Excellance.

I can still remember and feel our first few conversations.


I didn’t think of myself as an author – still don’t if I am honest. So to be talking to an ‘agent’, especially one who came to highly recommended, was both fun and surreal.


Thank you so much Greg for all your support, hard work and the mix of compassion, expertise and honesty that you bring to everything that you do.


This journey still feels more like an imaginary game that I am playing, and that somehow the world is playing along too.


Thanks for being on Ashoo’s team!







A of journey, of courage, of heart. One you will remember where and when you read it. This century's Alchemist.”


The Jar of Dreams is better than Harry Potter."


I woke up yesterday morning and am yearning for more. You've taken me on a journey - similar to when I've read The Alchemist, Shantaram and Siddhartha.

Dominick Quartuccio

Wow. I don't want to say anything else for fear words will do it an injustice, but WOW. Struggling to avoid comparisons with some of the greatest books I've read! Absolutely loved it and especially hope there are a few more wise old men with their beautiful words to come. Feel a little cheated that I only got a few chapters but will look forward to a signed first edition copy.

Emily Houlahan

This is the most wonderful book about the joy of living our dreams. The story is gentle and powerful - as rich as Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist"

Mo Macrae

Each sentence transported me far, far away to distant places and realms, evoking childhood memories, as I became part of Tarun’s adventure.”


Love this extraordinary story of self awareness and discovery. Simply beautiful.”


Read it, it’s ageless. You’ll love it.”


An incredible read. A magical book full of twists and turns, allowing the reader to ride along with Tarun as he takes his amazing journey.”


Love this extraordinary story of self awareness and discovery. Simply beautiful.”


Magnificent... outstanding... love it!!!”


Inspiring story and we just wanted the journey to continue!!"