The dream from the Himalayas that became a book

The dream from the Himalayas that became a book

I sat bolt upright. Blackness, nothing but an impenetrable darkness surrounded me. Somewhere close a deep crack filled the icy air, as the once-great glacier of Namik carved her way downwards from the hunchbacked peaks of the Indian Himalayas above. My dream flickered in front of me, replaying like a movie on the black canvas of the night. I scrambled... More
The Jar of Dreams A story about discovering and living your highest dreams

An Introduction to The Jar of Dreams

An Introduction to The Jar of Dreams Welcome to this introduction to The Jar of Dreams, a novel that came to me in a dream on a mountain in the Himalayas. I hope you enjoy this blog and the little windows it opens to the story, and the writing adventure I have had, bringing this dream to life. Synopsis for... More
Campfire of Dreams Blog The Jar of Dreams by Alan Riva

Welcome to the Campfire of Dreams

Welcome Thank you so much for following the breadcrumbs and clicking whichever magical links which brought you here to this campfire where we will be talking about our dreams and ways that we can live them. I'd love to know your name because, after all, what is a blog like this for if it isn't for growing friendships (even virtual... More

To the Dream Makers

So often in my life, I have been too caught up in busyness, in distraction and in my own stories and ego to stop and thank the people who have made my life so rich.  Somehow, it seemed easier to unconsciously continue to speed towards the next moment rather than to open my heart and feel the gratitude flowing inside... More