As we sketch and illustrate each character and part of Ashoo’s world, we’ll add them to the page.

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Hi I am Ashoo.

I am on a journey in search of my Dreams.

They were stolen by Malakhiim, the Dark Djinn Lord and in their place he placed a dark mist, filled with fear and doubt, as a means of forcing me to grow up and conform.

Please join me on a journey to find Malakhiim and defeat him so I can live as my true self be rid of this unwanted weight he has placed on my spirit.



Meet Ishkari, she is one of the bravest people that I know.

When Ishkari was a six year old girl, she and her father were taken from their village, Ak-Baz by a raiding mob of Hekati, the dark spirit warriors.

They now live as servants of the great Khan, Kalidjinn, in his Palace in the Skies,
above the old market city of Duzkah.


This is Malakhiim,the Dark Lord of the Djinns

If you are lucky, you will live the life of your dreams and never meet him.

He is the Demon King of the Djinns, a clan of evil spirits who want to take over the world and control us all by stealing our dreams.

The night is his time, it belongs to him and our dark dreams are his doorway into our minds.


The fearsome general of the Hekati, the spirit warlords of Malakhiim.

Darzog has a burning hatred for humans and for all living things that have not
been turned into dark spirits.

He has an unstoppable and blood thirsty ambition to hunt Ashoo down and capture him so he can please his dark master.


The great slum city of Shab-d-Kosh is both Ashoo’s playground and his prison.

By day Ashoo walks the streets, searching for whatever money he can raise to help put food on the table and to keep the dark shadow of eviction away.

But after work, his imagination transforms the mundane world around him into the mystical. The murky waters of the Dundhai river, beneath his family’s shack, become the high seas of far-flung oceans. Floating debris is transformed into enemy pirate ships weaving their way down river, avoiding the firebombs and cannonballs that he hurls from the safety of the banks.


‘It was tough going as they zigzagged their way through the maze of boulders,left by the retreating glacier many years before.

The pointy, jagged form of the rocks towering above them did nothing to calm Ashoo’s imagination.

Shapes of hideous monsters lurked around every corner and squatted above, ready to pounce at any moment.’

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