Welcome to a short introduction to The Jar of Dreams and to this story that came to me in a dream halfway up a mountain in the Himalayas. I hope you enjoy this blog and the little windows it opens to the story, and the writing adventure I have had, bringing this dream to life.

Synopsis for The Jar of Dreams

Tarun is a young dreamer living in the twin cities of Xhadur and Hymez. One morning he wakes to discover that the dark djinn, Malakhiim, has smuggled into his sleep and stolen his dreams. In their place, Malakhiim plants a poisonous mist of fear that grows inside its host, strangling Tarun’s spirit and taking control of his mind.

With only thirty moons left to reclaim his dreams, Tarun steps into the unknown and the mysterious worlds beyond the walls of Xhadur.

Join Tarun on an adventure that sees him escape the dark spells of the Great Khan of Duzkah; cross the perilous ocean of Zalpaz; overcome Nayak-Ra, a fearsome, man-eating beast in the caves of Umlak and confront the Hekati, the demon warriors that guard the path back to his dreams.

What Tarun discovers along the way takes him to the edge of the world as he knows it, and beyond, and changes his life and those of many others forever.

Trailer for The Jar of Dreams

I hope you enjoy this little homemade trailer and introduction to The Jar of Dreams. It was made with the magical art of Kalyani Ganapathy, whom I was lucky enough to collaborate with in the early years of developing the characters and building the worlds of Xhadur and beyond.

Do You Want To Know More?

While I love reflecting on all the fun I have had in the last twenty-three years creating this story and learning how to craft a novel from a dream and a jumble of words, this blog is for you. So if you would like to know anything about The Jar of Dreams, or if you have any questions about the writing and publishing process, please let me know. The Jar of Dreams has come to life through the kindness of others and I love helping people who are passionate about writing or bringing their dreams to life.